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October 26, 2017
Erika Darbouze


Traffic Cones for Less Introduces pink traffic cones

Fort Lauderdale, FL: Pink IS NOT the color you expect to see on traffic cones; however, the management team at OES Global Inc, (parent to Traffic Cones For Less) one of the nation’s leading traffic safety sellers, based here in Fort Lauderdale, saw an untapped market.

October is breast cancer awareness month; a month where millions of people across the United States walk the streets to fight against breast cancer for 3 to 5 miles. In 2016 alone, 1.4 million walkers across the country hit the streets to raise more than $60 million to help finish the fight against breast cancer. 2017 is predicted to be even higher.

Pink Cones

Organizations, businesses, passionate individuals, who commit to organizing making stride events against breast cancer, can now use pink traffic cones to make their events both safer and continue to promote the message by maintaining the pink theme.

“We are thrilled to be able to offer the most complete line of pink traffic cones to support breast cancer awareness” said Melissa Schechter, President of OES Global Inc. “Our pink cones were our first custom color and they have been wildly successful!”

“We can also fabricate cones to PMS match a specific logo. Our graphic capabilities are exclusive and unique in the traffic safety and crowd control industries. We are all about exceptional customer service and offering products and services that allow us to provide an unprecedented line of traffic safety products” Schechter continued.

Traffic Cones for Less also provides stencils, silkscreens and full color digital graphic applications to customize traffic cones, as well as a full line of road safety equipment. For orders, questions or comments contact

About Traffic Cones for Less: Traffic Cones for Less is an E-commerce company based in Fort Lauderdale Florida, with distribution centers located in NJ, CA, and Texas. Founded in 2014; Traffic Cones for Less has become an industry leader in wholesale and retail traffic safety sales and distribution. Traffic Cones for Less is a subsidiary of OES Global Inc.