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School Reopening State Map

State Map of Where Schools are Being Opened in the US

The year 2020 marked a historic event in which many businesses, venues, and of course schools were shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Though the harsh events of 2020 are now behind us, we are still racing towards a safe “coronavirus-free” future. As we get closer to that goal, some states have mandated schools to be open for in-person lectures either part-time or full-time, while other states have opted to leave it to individual districts and local health officials. We have provided a map below, detailing the status of each state; we’ll update this map as new information is brought to our attention.

What You Need to Prepare for Your Reopening

As schools and businesses nation-wide are gearing up for the incoming traffic, you also need to prepare effectively in order to take control of the crowds in the safest and most efficient way possible. Here at Traffic Cones For Less, we provide essentials such as: customized signs for panels, delineators, posts, and of course traffic cones of all sorts of colors and modifications. Crowd control is made is easy with our cone bars and barricades, and instructing traffic can be done with personalized signage ranging from “No Parking” or “Staff Only” signs, all the way to yield and directional arrow signs.

We didn’t just stop there, we also provide industrial grade disinfection and sanitization. Our Victory Electrostatic Cordless Sprayer can disinfect up to 23,000 square feet, perfect for cleaning your school grounds or facility each day. Simply fill it with our Lemon Guard or Fresh Guard disinfectants to effectively keep your location safe and protected. If you prefer a more hands on cleaning, we also have our Everwipes: disinfectant wipes that kill bacteria in seconds.

Preparing for reopening can be almost as scary as the pandemic itself, so let us help put your mind at ease with our selection of products designed with your safety as our top priority.

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State Map of US School Reopening

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