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Plasticade Barricade Type II

Plasticade Barricade Type II  
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Traffic Cones Stencil Stencils: A stencil is a simple stencil font ( lettering) that does not allow for logos or complex artwork. Stencil setup fee is a one time charge of $45.00

Traffic Cones Stencil Silkscreens: A silkscreen will allow you the most flexibility in fonts, styles, logos and designs to appear on your cones. Silkscreen set up fees is a one time charge of $130.00

Traffic Cones Stencil Full Color Digital Vinyl Technology: Limitless color and design options. Set up fees is a one time charge of $45.00

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  • Product Details
    Plasticade Barricade Type II - 100-T12B8EG

    Durable barricade designed to withstand repeated impacts from vehicles

    • Molded-in handles with mounting holes for attaching flashing lights
    • Features “click lock” hinges for a positive interlock in the open position
    • Barricade is molded hollow for internal ballasting with up to 10 lbs. of sand
    • Sandbag bar (if additional weight is required)
    • Stacking lugs keep stacked units from sliding
    • Stacking lugs keep stacked units from sliding
    • NCHRP-350 Accepted, meets MUTCD Standards

    Plasticade Barricades Type II 12" x 24" Top Panel Engineer Grade Striped Sheeting and 8" x 24" Bottom Panel Engineer Grade Striped Sheeting.

    Barricades Come with Left striping Sheeting Or Right striping Sheeting.

    Watch this Video for more Information.

    Available in white.

    Dimensions : 45”H x 25”W x 3”D.

  • Specifications
    Product Type Barricades
    Weight: 16.00 lbs
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